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Adoption can be a wonderful experience for all parties involved. It is a legal acknowledgement of the parent-child relationship and the bond that it encompasses, and typically is a turning point in the life of a child. Because of this, adoption proceedings are the happiest times in a courtroom, not only for the children and their adoptive parents, but also for the judge and the others that are present. It is not uncommon for the judge to give small gifts to the children and take pictures of the occasion.

Step-parents adoptions are the most common adoptions that we deal with at the Bolton law firm. This type of adoption is usually a simple process with immediate benefits. If you are a step-parent looking to adopt, send us a message and we will help you through the process.

If you are interested in any other type of adoption, we can also help! Let our team know about your situation and we will be more than happy to work with you.


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If you’re confused about your divorce, something has gone wrong. You should always know what is happening, and what is next. Our Legal Care Philosophy You should always know what is happening in your case, and what is next. I gained a lot of empathy for my clients when dealing with my husband’s health issues. […]

You may have seen descriptors for attorneys letting you know whether or not they are certified by the Texas Board, but what does this really mean? And how important is it that your attorney have this qualification?

Could I realistically adopt my step-child? There are a couple of hoops to jump through, but the process is relatively straightforward.

Legal questions are not always black and white. Some legal questions have clear answers. If I take a dollar from my paycheck and buy a lottery ticket and win, the winnings are community property. But a lot of of legal questions don’t have clear answers. If a wonderful step-father wants to adopt, but the biological […]

Should children visit parents who are in jail, or making other significantly bad decisions? Like so many issues related to divorce and child custody, the impact to the child is almost entirely dependent on the attitude of the adults involved. When I was a child my favorite uncle was convicted of selling marijuana. My parents […]

I thought I would mention some tips for making an appearance in court. Some tips will be obvious, some may surprise you, but all of them are useful. The one that deserves to go first is indisputable. Make sure your phone is OFF! If your phone goes off, the bailiff WILL be coming up to […]

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