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Asset Protection

preserving your wealth through divorce

Main takeaways:

• We strive to preserve your wealth and protect your assets in your divorce.
• Any assets acquired prior to the marriage (as opposed to during the marriage) will not be subject to distribution in divorce.
• There are a number of critical legal considerations in conducting a high net worth divorce. It is critical that your legal tam is headed by an attorney experienced with high asset cases.


All divorces are difficult, but each situation is unique. If you and your spouse acquired significant assets during your marriage, or if you came into your marriage already possessing significant wealth, then you need a law firm capable of preserving that wealth in your divorce. At The Bolton Law Firm, PC, we focus our practice on high net worth divorce cases, and our attorneys bring decades of experience to protecting our clients’ interests in divorce.


For high asset and high income couples, getting divorced can involve a lot of risk. Couples that have established substantial holdings through investments, business ventures, and high-paying occupations can easily have millions at stake in their divorce, and it is critical that you protect your financial interest by retaining an experienced attorney. 

In many cases, one or both spouses will have come into the marriage with substantial wealth. As a general rule, any assets brought into the marriage (as opposed to being acquired during the marriage) will not be subject to distribution in divorce. However, proving that certain assets qualify as “separate property” can be complex. There are circumstances in which the community estate acquires significant interests in assets owned prior to the marriage.

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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DIVORCE AND HIGH ASSET DIVORCE A high asset divorce requires an attorney that specializes in divorce. Obviously, all divorces are difficult. However, a high asset divorce is also legally complex. If you and your spouse acquired a lot together, then you need a highly skilled attorney. Even if you expect to reach […]

Texas law outlines that, with a few notable exceptions, any assets acquired during a marriage are considered community property, and as such, are subject to distribution during the divorce. Because of this, if you have co-owned a business with your spouse, it is critical that you seek legal aid from an experienced attorney in order […]

What happens if you die without a will is determined by a set of laws called “intestacy statutes”. If you have a will, your will would go through “probate”, which would pay your debts, and transfer your assets to your heirs. Texas probate is straightforward and simple. If you don’t have a will, it is […]

You may have seen descriptors for attorneys letting you know whether or not they are certified by the Texas Board, but what does this really mean? And how important is it that your attorney have this qualification?

If you are getting a divorce, you might have concerns now that you previously hadn’t considered regarding the division of your assets. Among these, you may be wondering, “What happens to any property or wealth that I have inherited?”

It is common in a divorce for people to be concerned about marital debt. You want to be sure that debt is divided evenly between both parties, but this actually may not be in your best interest. Would you like to schedule an appointment to discuss your debts and assets?

It is extremely important to have a current will so you can be sure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your desires. But what if you die without ever having made a will?

Divorce attorneys have a saying that “the house follows the children”, meaning that there is usually a strong preference on the part of a judge to award the house to the parent who is keeping the children. However, just because you can keep the house, doesn’t mean that you should. Being a single parent is […]

If you got married and did not get a prenup signed and wish that you had, it is not too late. Texas also authorizes a post-marital agreement. A post marital agreement can do anything that a pre-marital agreement could accomplish towards future earnings. If you have already had significant earnings during the marriage, you would […]

For the first $9200 per month in after tax income (roughly $150k per year), Texas judges stick to the guidelines in almost every circumstance. Above this income level, there are no guidelines. You will hear attorneys say that someone has “maxed out”. There is a tendency to ignore anything above the guideline and just calculate […]

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