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When my children began growing up, it devastated me. I loved sitting them in my lap and reading stories to them. I loved watching their eyes grow to the size of saucers on Christmas morning. And I hated losing that sense of wonder, knowing that my kisses could no longer heal all the blows that the world might give them.

Even if 2020 sucked, we can have a great 2021. In 1982, Prince released his song, “1999.” The most famous line from it is, “Tonight, we’re going to party like it’s 1999.” Prince sings about how the world could end anytime, so we should all party like it will be the last party of our […]

If you are considering divorce, your life is changing. Make your new life into the life you want. If you are considering or facing a divorce, it is normal to mourn the life that you have lost. All change is difficult. But divorce, like any other change, is the beginning of a new chapter, as […]

Let’s analyze where our life is headed and make 2021 a great year of growth for ourselves.

You don’t have to be rich to need a will. Learn three reasons why you might need a will, even if you have a negative net worth.

If this is your first Christmas after divorce or child custody order was entered, you may be filled with dread about the upcoming holidays. The children will soon be getting out of school for the Christmas break, and they will be with the “other” parent until noon on December 28th. That first Christmas without them […]

Before you file for divorce or even see an attorney, there are a couple steps you should take in order to prepare.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the legal world operates. In many ways, that’s good; in other ways, it’s been challenging.

Any parent will tell you that juggling a full-time job and being there for your kids in all the ways you want to can be hard. You have to make sacrifices, but you do it for those you love and what you love to do. For a long time, I made the decision to keep the Bolton Law Firm small so I could dedicate large amounts of time to my kids.
Now that all of my children have left the nest except one, it’s time to shift my focus to my firm, which means growing both our team and our office space.

About six months ago, I made the decision
to start growing the firm. As exciting as the
prospect was, it wasn’t something I wanted
to do quickly — I knew it needed to be a
carefully thought-out, deliberate process.
Those kinds of things take time, but I’m
happy to say now, after hiring a fantastic
team and expanding into a great new office
space, that time was well spent.

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