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Whether you are the one filing for divorce, or your spouse is wanting out, you are being faced with decisions you hoped that you would never have to make.

You need to consider what living schedule is best for your children after the divorce; how to protect them from the effects of the divorce and help them maintain healthy relationships with both parents.

You may need to decide what assets you need to maintain control of. You may need to disentangle your separate property from the community estate of the marriage. You need to ensure that the marital estate is divided fairly. You may need to decide if one of the parties can continue to live in the home or if it needs to be sold. You may need to protect a family owned business, so that it can be kept running during the divorce and continue to provide income afterward.

When you hire the Bolton Law Firm, you get the Woodland’s fiercest family law attorneys on your side. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through these decisions, and protect your interests both inside and out of the courtroom, every step of the way.

When you hire the Bolton Law Firm, you get the Woodlands’ fiercest family law attorneys on your side.

Divorce is a difficult time, but we are here to help. We will ensure that your children and your assets will be protected. For a consultation with an attorney about your specific situation, call our office to schedule an appointment at 281-588-0230

April 25, 2020

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