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Separation without the divorce


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I learn a lot about practicing law from my husband’s health issues. He is a diabetic on dialysis with advanced heart disease. Every few years, he has an extended hospital stay. I have learned to make arrangements for my children, verify coverage of emergencies for my clients, pack a bag, and move into the hospital […]

A divorce is the end of a marriage. An annulment is a declaration that the marriage has been cancelled-as if it never happened at all. Someone who received an annulment could truthfully list themselves as having never been married in legal documents, or on a dating web site. Some religions will allow an annulled person […]

What constitutes a common-law marriage in Texas? It’s more than just living together– there are some other factors.

Texas law allows prenups, also referred to as pre-marital agreements, and judges are encouraged to uphold them. However, many of the pre-marital agreements that I have seen have had major flaws in them. The most common is that the agreement will not have been executed properly. It might not be notarized, when a space is […]

How do you know when you are getting a good deal in your divorce? The question is a lot more complicated than you might think. However, I can tell you two measuring sticks you should not trust: your almost ex-spouse, and your instincts. It is surprising how many people feel utterly betrayed by their divorcing […]

People often comment to me that it must be depressing being a divorce attorney. Like any job, there are difficult days. But for the most part, I very much like what I do. I come from a strong, religious background. When I got married, I expected it to last forever. I had five children in […]

Some legal questions have black and white answers. If I take a dollar from my paycheck and buy a lottery ticket and win, the winnings are community property. But a lot of of legal questions don’t have clear answers. If a wonderful step-father wants to adopt, but the biological father, who is in prison and […]

Should children visit parents who are in jail, or making other significantly bad decisions? Like so many issues related to divorce and child custody, the impact to the child is almost entirely dependent on the attitude of the adults involved. When I was a child my favorite uncle was convicted of selling marijuana. My parents […]

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