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If there is no court order in place, there is nothing preventing your leaving. However, if the question is put in front of a judge or jury, you are very likely to be required to stay in the area where the other parent lives. Something to keep in mind, if there is no court order, […]

In the state of Texas, can you stop the other parent of your child from giving them medication? Ruby explains the answer.

One common question among parents without primary custody is, “Can I see my child on their birthday?” Attorney Ruby Bolton explains that chances are, the answer is yes.

Could I realistically adopt my step-child? There are a couple of hoops to jump through, but the process is relatively straightforward.

Having ‘custody’ of a child isn’t as black and white as you might assume. Joint custody is common, and it doesn’t just designate with whom the child lives. Ruby Bolton breaks down exactly what it means.

Getting divorced doesn’t mean that you give up your parental rights, even if your child lives with the other parent. Find out what rights you have.

83% of children who live with a single parent live with their mother. However, that is because in most cases, that is the agreement that the parents made, not because that was an order of the Court, or a decision by a jury. In situations where custody is actually litigated the results are much more […]

Many Texas children dread their 12th birthday. Why? Because their divorced or separated parents are expecting them to “choose” a switch in custody. Contrary to what you may hear, no child in Texas has a right to “choose” whom they will be living with following their 12th birthday. However, a child who is 12 or […]

I thought I would mention some tips for making an appearance in court. Some tips will be obvious, some may surprise you, but all of them are useful. The one that deserves to go first is indisputable. Make sure your phone is OFF! If your phone goes off, the bailiff WILL be coming up to […]

Summer can be a busy time for kids, especially for children of divorce who are trying to go on vacation with two sets of parents. One of the most misunderstood provisions in a custody order is which parent has the right to sign the child up for summer activities. The legal answer is simple. If […]


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