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Custody in Texas is normally awarded to the parent who has had the most hands-on involvement with the child prior to the divorce or custody battle. Here are three reasons why even someone who has clearly had more hands-on time with the child might still lose custody.

If you are getting a divorce, you might have concerns now that you previously hadn’t considered regarding the division of your assets. Among these, you may be wondering, “What happens to any property or wealth that I have inherited?”

COVID-19 has caused serious financial problems for people everywhere, and many people are wondering, “What does this mean for me in the context of child support?” If you are concerned about not being able to pay your child support or not receiving child support that you may be counting on, find out what options you […]

Summer Visitation is the biggest opportunity for the non custodial parent to spend time with their child. That’s why it’s so important that you make sure you get that time.

The short answer is yes. Even though the courts are closed, there are still important steps that you can take towards a resolution.

If you were considering filing for divorce before, but have decided to postpone due to COVID-19, you may want to reconsider waiting. There are several advantages to filing now.

If you’re facing a divorce, you might be wondering: How long is this going to take? And how can I get it to end? There are a couple of answers to these questions.

It is common in a divorce for people to be concerned about marital debt. You want to be sure that debt is divided evenly between both parties, but this actually may not be in your best interest. Would you like to schedule an appointment to discuss your debts and assets?

It can be difficult to watch a loved one struggling with a failing marriage. It is common to have lots of questions during a divorce, yet feel too overwhelmed to find the answers. You can access the video library here!

If you are about to go to mediation on your divorce, the good news is that it has a high chance of being successful. Over 80% of mediations result in a settlement. Your attorney should be beside you, guiding you in what to offer or accept. Although nothing can happen in a mediation that you […]


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