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Mental Illness

Navigating mental illness and divorce

mental illness

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Custody in Texas is normally awarded to the parent who has had the most hands-on involvement with the child prior to the divorce or custody battle. Here are three reasons why even someone who has clearly had more hands-on time with the child might still lose custody.

In the state of Texas, can you stop the other parent of your child from giving them medication? Ruby explains the answer.

As a divorce attorney, I meet a lot of mentally ill people. Some of them are my clients. Some of them are the spouses my clients are divorcing. Sometimes, it is clear that neither spouse is really mentally whole. Mental illness increases a person’s chance of getting divorced by anywhere from 20 to 80 percent, […]

Should children visit parents who are in jail, or making other significantly bad decisions? Like so many issues related to divorce and child custody, the impact to the child is almost entirely dependent on the attitude of the adults involved. When I was a child my favorite uncle was convicted of selling marijuana. My parents […]

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