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custody and visitation

Ensure the WELL BEING of your children

It is essential that children end up in the situation that is best for them, whether it requires that the mother or the father has primary custody. If you believe your children would be better off with you, do not hesitate to fight for them!

If you are not sure if you are on the same page as the other parent when it comes to custody and visitation, the attorneys at the Bolton Law Firm can help you thoroughly investigate all your options before a decision is made. Bolton Law is committed to exploring the possible options with you to protect your child. Emotions can run high when it comes to making decisions regarding child visitation in the midst of a divorce. Make sure that you have the benefit of an experienced attorney on your side.

When it comes to custody and visitation, you should not agree to something that is not in your child's best interest. The attorneys at the Bolton Law Firm know every detail in a Texas standard possession order, but more importantly they know a myriad of other ways to write a custody order as well.

Visit with a family law attorney at the Bolton Law Firm and we will help you explore all the options that might benefit your child.