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Do Women Always Get Custody in Texas?

83% of children who live with a single parent live with their mother. However, that is because in most cases, that is the agreement that the parents made, not because that was an order of the Court, or a decision by a jury. In situations where custody is actually litigated the results are much more even.

If you are a man considering pursuing custody, consider the following questions:

  • Who took responsibility for making sure the child ate regularly?
  • Who selected day care?
  • Who purchased clothing?
  • Who met with teachers?
  • Who made sure the child bathed?
  • Who does the child want when he/she is upset?

These questions tend to tell us who the primary parent has been while the parents were together. If you have been the primary parent, you should be meeting with an attorney to discuss pursuing custody. Do you have a family law question that you would like to ask a Texas attorney? Post it in the comments section below, and your question may be addressed in future videos.

April 26, 2020

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