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If I Pay Child Support Do I Still Have to Buy My Kids Clothes?

One of the questions I get most often is “If I pay child support, do I still have to buy my kids clothes?” Many parents paying child support think that’s not their responsibility. After all, isn’t that what child support is supposed to pay for? Why do you have to provide clothes or pay for activities when you already provide child support? Now that you pay child support, are you off the hook for providing your child with clothes, paying for activities, and providing for their needs?

Well, no. Your order probably says that each parent is responsible for providing food, clothing, shelter, support, and necessaries for the child when the child is with them. When the child is staying at your house, chances are you are meant to provide them the clothing and supplies they need.

The state of Texas is assuming that when your child comes to your home, they don’t have to pack anything. This also makes for a much better experience for your child. You want your kid to see your home as their home too. You don’t want them to feel like they’re coming for a visit. They’re coming to a place where they belong. If they wake up in the morning and they have a closet with clothing, they have their personal items, if it’s a daughter, she’s got her makeup, and she’s got tampons, whatever she needs is already there in the room, then it’s much more of a feeling of coming home- and not a feeling of going for a visit. (Learn more about developing a healthy relationship with your kids here.)

If I pay child support, do I still have to buy my kids clothes? The short answer is, yes.

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September 2, 2020

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