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Having a parent exclude grandparents from seeing their grandchild can be upsetting. While multiple scenarios can push grandparents to file a suit for visitation or custody of their grandchild, grandparents rights in Texas do not grant grandparents automatic rights to their grandchild. However, they can take specific legal steps that may allow them access to their grandchild.

But first, consider consulting an experienced grandparents rights attorney in Texas to determine your legal options. At Bolton Law, we have successfully worked on complex grandparents rights cases and are known to get our clients results. Our qualified family law attorneys will review your case and build a strong defense to get the best results possible.

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What Are Grandparents Rights

Parents can easily deny grandparents the right to see their grandchild. While this is unfortunate, the reality is that under the law, grandparents lack the automatic right to contact their grandchild if a parent stops them. But, family courts are aware of grandparents’ indispensable role in a child’s life, and unless there is evidence of violence or abuse, they rarely refuse them access to the grandchild.

There are steps that grandparents can take when a parent denies them access to their grandchild. It would be imperative to seek expert legal counsel before embarking on the legal process since a skilled lawyer would fight to protect the grandparents rights. Being denied access to see your grandchild should not be the end — unless it is in their best interest — let a skilled attorney fight to protect your rights.

Do Grandparents Have Rights In Texas

While the laws in Texas favor parents over grandparents, grandparents have rights — specific situations influence whether they will obtain these rights. For instance, grandparents may have a right to custody if the parents cannot properly care for their grandchild. They also have a right to visitation if they meet certain conditions, including having proof that getting visitation is in the child’s best interest.

Grandparents should take time to learn about their rights and available legal options depending on their situation. Working with an experienced grandparents rights attorney ensures that you understand your rights and you have a better chance of regaining the right and joy of spending time with your grandchild. Family relationships are complicated, but that should not hinder you from having access to your grandchild.

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How To Apply For Grandparents Rights In Texas

Applying for grandparents rights in Texas is not a clear-cut issue, but with expert legal advice, it can be simple. There is no standard duration for how long the process will last since each case is unique. However, a skilled attorney will work tirelessly to ensure the case is straightforward and takes considerably less time.

Therefore, the first thing you need to consider if you intend to apply for grandparents rights is legal counsel. But before filing anything in court, try and negotiate visitation rights with the parents outside court — only proceed to file a suit against them if you fail to reach a reasonable agreement.

The steps to applying for grandparents rights may differ depending on the specifics of your case, but they generally include the following:

  • Filing a lawsuit when mediation fails: You will have to file your suit with the court, fill out a form and attach supporting documents or evidence.
  • After filing the lawsuit, you will await the court’s decision. You can appeal the decision — if you believe it is unfair — within 14 days of the ruling.

Before granting grandparents rights, courts usually take time to consider different factors, including:

  • The child’s wishes if they are old enough to have a view
  • The connection between you and the child
  • The parent’s wishes
  • Risks of harmful disruption to a child’s life

Getting grandparents rights in Texas may not be the easiest thing, but it is not impossible.

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