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update an order that isn't working anymore

After your divorce or custody case is final and the terms are set in stone, there are things that can happen that neither you nor the judge anticipated. If the circumstances of you, the other parent or the children have changed, you need to visit with a family law attorney to determine what modifications would be appropriate for your divorce or custody order. Some changes that may indicate that a modification of the current order is called for are:

-The party paying child support has had a significant increase or decrease in income
-The child is expressing a desire for a different custody arrangement
-The child is doing poorly in school, getting into legal trouble, or suffering from a mental disorder
-One of the parents is not able to care for the child during their assigned times due to work schedule, substance abuse issues, mental illness, or other problems.
-A severe personality conflict has developed between the child and a step-parent

Sit down with an experienced family law attorney from the Bolton Law Firm and we can help you determine whether recent changes support a modification of your order.


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It is essential that children end up in the situation that is best for them, whether it requires that the mother or the father has primary custody. If you believe your children would be better off with you, do not hesitate to fight for them!

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