Safeguarding parental rights: Essential insights

The top priority of most divorced parents is remaining an active and important part of their child’s life. Please continue reading and reach out to our Montgomery County child custody lawyer to learn more about protecting your parental rights.

Protecting Your Parental Rights in Texas

Just some of the actions you can take to protect your parental rights are as follows:

  • Put your child’s best interests first. Divorce is challenging, and at times, it can be easy to get caught up in ourselves and put the needs of others on the backburner. As a parent, you cannot do this to your child. Not only is consistently acting in your child’s best interests what’s best for your child, but it can also help you retain physical and legal custody.
  • Never miss pick-up/drop-off times. Constantly arriving late to pick up or drop off a child, or, in the worst cases, refusing to drop off/return a child at all in accordance with a custody agreement’s terms, can have a drastic impact on a custody arrangement. Of course, everyone can’t be on time, all the time, however, when the behavior is consistent or takes an extreme form, such as refusing to drop off a child, it is frequently considered a violation of a custody agreement, and in some cases, can even warrant criminal charges of kidnapping.
  • Try to be civil with your ex, especially in front of your child. We understand how difficult it can be for ex-spouses to get along after a divorce. However, co-parents who can remain civil and have honest, open conversations with each other and their children create the best possible environment for everyone involved.
  • Keep track of what you do for your child. Co-parenting is not a competition. That said, it is worth keeping track of what you do to enrich your child’s life. Courts care most about your child’s best interests, and if you can prove that you feed and clothe your child, take him or her to doctor’s appointments and extracurricular activities like music lessons, baseball practice, or otherwise, it should be clear that you deserve to retain parental rights, should a future dispute arise.
  • Document any infringement on your parental rights. If your ex has violated your child custody agreement in some way, you should document the violation, as well as any subsequent violations. If the time comes when your ex is a danger to your child or can no longer act in his or her best interests, you’ll have to prove as much to modify your custody agreement.

To learn more about the rights and responsibilities of each parent in Texas, click here. If you are concerned about protecting your parental rights or you are currently facing a custody dispute, please do not hesitate to speak with our Montgomery County family law attorney today.

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