Smart Ways to Reduce Divorce Costs

You know that you need a skilled Tomball divorce lawyer to secure the best outcome and allow you to start your life anew. And you also know that skilled professionals are not cheap. Since you cannot afford less than excellent legal representation, are there any other ways to cut back on divorce costs?

The answer is yes. With a clear approach and trust in your attorney’s decisions, you can avoid many unnecessary expenses during your divorce. Here are the most effective ways of achieving this goal:

Set Realistic Expectations

Under the community property principle applicable in Texas, marital assets must be divided in a fair and just manner between the spouses. You cannot expect to retain all the valuable assets accumulated during the marriage.

You should start by considering what you really need and want to obtain. Talk to your attorney, offer a clear image of the total assets you and your spouse own and follow the lawyer’s guidance. A skilled legal counsel knows what kind of division arrangement would be considered fair and admissible in family law court.

This will reduce the duration of your divorce and also its costs.

Review Documents Related to Property Ownership

Many lawyers find out during asset splitting negotiations that some assets are not actually marital assets. This issue is more common when couples divorce after decades of marriage. You may forget that a specific valuable was purchased weeks or months before the marriage – thus it is rightfully yours.

Excluding separate property from the mass of marital assets will help you save money on appraisers and time spent negotiating who gets what. So look for all the documents indicating ownership, such as bills of sale or insurance statements.

make a fair evaluation of marital assets before a divorce

Try to Resolve Amiably as Many Aspects of the Divorce as Possible

Both you and your spouse will incur divorce costs. Unless you are going through a contested divorce, you should sit down with your spouse and agree on various matters amiably.

For example, you may reach a mutual agreement on the value of various assets, without hiring a evaluator. These professionals charge hundreds of dollars per hour and their total fee may end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Rely on Your Attorney to Negotiate with Your Spouse’s Legal Counsel

The true value of a Tomball divorce lawyer is given by their ability to negotiate asset division and any other aspects related to the divorce – with the exception of child custody.

If your attorney and your spouse’s lawyer reach a mutually acceptable deal, it will be presented to the judge, who will accept it and issue the divorce decree.

Otherwise, you are facing hearings in the family court, which are also very costly. You can save thousands of dollars by avoiding litigation in court.

Keep Your Eyes on the Joint Accounts

A divorce can become very expensive if you have to track down hidden assets and prove dissipation of marital assets. It is much easier to be proactive and monitor your spouse’s spending and other financial dealings.

Many people start moving assets as soon as they have decided to file for divorce – so before you are even aware that you are heading in that direction. Acting quickly and informing your spouse that you are aware of their actions will likely put a stop to this issue.

Let an Experienced Tomball Divorce Lawyer Reach the Best Agreement!

A divorce is not cheap, but you can definitely minimize divorce costs with a skilled legal counsel by your side. An experienced Tomball divorce lawyer at Bolton Law will always aim to keep the process as short as possible while achieving the best results for each client.

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