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Uncontested Divorce

Not all divorces are bitter. If you are hoping for a “friendly divorce”, you need to be sure that the lawyer that you hire is skilled at keeping the conflict level low.

We can advise you as to what steps are likely to escalate tensions, and we can communicate directly with your spouse if they do not have their own attorney.

If you have a general agreement, we can help you iron out remaining details and be sure that all the tricky areas are covered.

A divorce is complicated. There are more moving parts than you may recognize.

For instance:
• If you have a 401k, and part of it is awarded to your spouse, did you realize they can withdraw money from it with no early withdrawal fee?

• If your spouse is going to be keeping the house, what happens to your credit if he/she can’t pay the mortgage?

• If you have agreed on custody of children, have you discussed if there is a limit to how far away they can be moved?

• If you have agreed to meet halfway to trade children, you may want to change to each parent picking up the child when it is their possession time. That way, the driving is still equally split if one or both of you move.

 Come meet with an attorney, and let’s talk about the best way to preserve a working relationship while ending your marriage.

When you hire the Bolton Law Firm, you get the Woodland’s fiercest family law attorneys on your side. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through these decisions, and protect your interests both inside and out of the courtroom, every step of the way. 

uncontested divorce

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