Actions for Texas domestic violence victims

Nobody ever wants to imagine a scenario where they feel unsafe in their own home. Unfortunately, many victims of domestic violence feel this exact way. If you are a domestic violence victim, you are not alone. Our firm is here to help. Please continue reading and do not hesitate to speak with a compassionate and efficient The Woodlands domestic violence lawyer right here at Bolton Law. Here are some of the questions you may have about domestic violence in Texas and how we can help get you to safety:

How is domestic violence defined under Texas law?

Domestic violence is an act of violence against someone with whom a person shares a household or someone with whom a person is either currently or previously romantically involved. You should understand that domestic violence occurs between people of all genders, races, ages, and sexual orientations. Domestic violence also does not always occur in the form of physical abuse. In some cases, domestic violence can involve verbal, psychological, or financial abuse as well.

How can I get a protective order from a domestic abuser in Texas?

First, if you believe you are in immediate danger, you should turn to local law enforcement. They can help de-escalate the situation and ensure you are safe. From here, the police may bring your case in front of a judge, who can grant you a temporary protective order, called a “magistrate’s order” which will prevent the abusive person from speaking with you, seeing you, or otherwise coming in contact with you, and sometimes your family as well.

The judge will set the expiration date of the magistrate’s order anywhere between 31 and 61 days. If you have a magistrate’s order that is nearing expiration, and you do not feel that you will be safe without it, a family law attorney can assist you in obtaining a “permanent” protective order.

However, in many cases when the police are called, they do not seek a protective order at all. Often, the police will simply separate you and your abuser, by asking one of you to voluntarily leave the residence for the night. If this happens, and you feel you are in danger, a family law attorney can frequently get a protective order in place, even if the district attorney’s office or the police have told you that you do not qualify. We may also be able to assist you in getting a protective order even if the police have never been called at all.

If you believe you are a victim of domestic violence, you need to go with your gut and take action as quickly as possible. Don’t make excuses for the violent person. Don’t let it happen again. Our firm is here to preserve your right to a happy and safe life.

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