What to Know About Parenting Time Issues When Sharing Custody

As you may know, sharing custody of a child isn’t always easy or smooth sailing. Unfortunately, those who share custody of a child may encounter certain issues, usually when one parent fails to abide by the custody agreement in place. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Texas family law attorney to learn more about common parenting time issues and how our firm can help you. 

What are the Most Common Parenting Time Issues When Sharing Custody? 

One parent denies the other access to their child

One of the most common custody issues is when one parent tries to keep the other from spending time with their child. It is not uncommon for a parent to try and deny the other access to their child, even when there is a custody order in place. Some examples of this are when one parent cancels scheduled visitation or cuts time with the child short.

Parents might even blame these actions on the child or use their child as an excuse by claiming that the child does not want to see the other parent. These actions must be documented by the parent who is not receiving visitation. Once the evidence of these actions has been collected, they should speak with an attorney who can inform them of their legal options going forward.

One parent does not show up for their parenting time

The second well-known custody issue is when one parent does not show up for their parenting time. A parent failing to show up for their parenting time can cause complications for the other parent, such as requiring them to make last-minute childcare arrangements.

When childcare is not available, this may cause the parent to miss work or cancel plans. A parent regularly missing time with his or her child may also affect the child emotionally as well.

In these circumstances, the parents who cannot rely on their former spouse to show up for their scheduled time should document every cancellation. When this evidence is collected, they should then speak with an attorney who can help them seek a modification to the custody order to reflect the infrequency of visitation. 

When parents are dealing with issues regarding custody arrangements, the main focus should always be the well-being of the child. If you are facing any of the aforementioned situations, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced Texas family law attorney who will help you and your family come to an agreement that works in the best interests of your child.

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