Benefits of Avoiding Social Media Amid Divorce

There are few events more impactful than a divorce. Divorce signifies the end of a lengthy chapter in an individual’s life, so it’s completely natural that, should you get divorced, you’d like to talk about it. In today’s day and age, many of us can’t go out to eat dinner without posting a picture of our meal before digging in, so it may feel only natural to vent about our ex or our divorce itself on social media while going through the process. That said, this is just about the worst thing anyone can do, and for a number of reasons. Please continue reading and speak with a knowledgeable The Woodlands, Texas divorce lawyer from Bolton Law Firm today to learn more about why you should avoid posting on social media during your divorce.

Why should I avoid social media while getting a divorce?

The first and most important reason you need to avoid posting on social media during your divorce is that anything you post can, and most likely will, be used against you in court. This means that if you trash talk your ex, post pictures of you out partying with friends, or write about that brand new car you purchased, you can expect your ex and his or her lawyer will bring this up in court. For example, if you’re seeking financial support from your ex but reveal through a social media post that you perhaps have more assets than you claim, you’ll likely reduce your already slim chances of receiving this support to virtually zero.

Additionally, if you’re seeking custody of your child but post things on social media that may call your parental fitness into question, such as posts depicting or alluding to frequent alcohol use or substance abuse, there is a very good chance your ex may use these posts to allege you have a problem and, therefore, are unfit to raise your child. This doesn’t mean your spouse will successfully win custody automatically, but you certainly don’t make your case any easier by having these posts on social media.

Finally, even if your ex is directly responsible for ending your marriage, such as by having an affair, it’s best to stay off social media and refrain from posting about him or her. Judges do not like this kind of behavior and tend to view it as petty. The best thing you can do is collect yourself, keep a cool head, prepare for whatever comes next with an attorney, and avoid social media at all costs, at least until your divorce is resolved.

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