5 Tips for a Low-Conflict Divorce

Understandably, divorce is often a high-conflict legal process. However, there are ways to reduce tension and ease the burden of divorce on all parties involved. Continue reading and reach out to our The Woodlands, Texas divorce lawyer for some valuable tips on how to have a low-conflict divorce.

5 Tips for Having a Low-Conflict Divorce

  • Realize that you probably can’t change your spouse’s behavior. You and your spouse are getting divorced for a reason. If your spouse wouldn’t change certain things about him or herself when you were married, he or she won’t change now. Once you’ve decided you’re ready to get a divorce, it’s time to stop focusing on your spouse’s shortcomings and start focusing on what’s best for you and your child.
  • Don’t entertain angry text messages or attacks on social media. When an angry spouse calls, texts, or posts about you on social media, it can be extremely tempting to let go and tell them how you really feel. This is a bad idea. Do not entertain angry text messages or calls. You do not have to respond. You should especially ignore all taunts on social media as well. Angry or threatening texts, calls, or posts on social media all reflect poorly on your spouse, not you. Courts are typically more likely to rule in favor of the spouse who keeps a cool head.
  • Don’t try to get revenge or spite your ex. If your spouse tries to spite you, time and time again, or you believe your spouse is primarily responsible for ending your marriage (such as by having an affair), don’t seek revenge. Focus on yourself and take the high road. You’ll feel better about yourself and the courts will, too. Don’t bring yourself down to their level.
  • Take accountability. Even if you believe your spouse is entirely at fault for ending your marriage, you should take this time to reflect and focus on how you can be your best self, rather than use your divorce as a means to put all the blame on your spouse. Perhaps you played absolutely no role in ending your marriage, but even so, it’s best to use this time in a constructive manner, rather than a vengeful or hateful one.
  • Focus on your future. Divorce does represent the end of one chapter of your life, but it also represents the start of another. Use your divorce as a reset button. Strengthen your relationship with your children. Reconnect with old friends. Focus on having a bright, productive future.

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