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Dealing with domestic violence can create a situation that is taxing, confusing, and traumatic. It’s important to consider legal solutions that will help you take action and make sure all options are on the table. This is what a qualified The Woodlands domestic violence lawyer can do for you as soon as it’s time to get started.

At Bolton Law, we are a law firm that has become an accredited option in the region and one that is trusted by clients for domestic violence cases.

We have a good understanding of the legal standards in Texas along with what your strategy should include. To get started with us, please take the time to reach out to our family law attorneys in The Woodlands at 281-351-7897.

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What Qualifies as Domestic Violence in Texas?

Domestic violence can be defined as any threat or action of bodily injury, physical harm, sexual assault, or assault against a family or household member or against a current or past romantic partner. This can also incorporate child abuse depending upon the situation.

Due to the intricate and sensitive nature of this subject, it’s important to receive legal consultation as soon as possible. At Bolton Law, we have The Woodlands domestic violence lawyers that are specialized when it comes to working on these types of cases and will ensure the right measures are taken each step of the way.

We recognize how challenging this situation can be and all of the details a client has to go through. This is why we will always offer extensive legal resources to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Our number one priority is to make sure you are comfortable with the process and how it unfolds.

Domestic violence in Texas has strict legal regulations and individuals are protected. This is why it’s essential to speak to a domestic violence lawyer to better recognize what your legal strategy should encompass.

At Bolton Law, we will put in the time to go through these details with you while explaining what the best course of action is. It is this attention to detail that will make sure you receive appropriate justice for what has occurred.

To get started with Bolton Law and make sure things are done as required, please take the time to reach out to our law firm at 281-351-7897.

How Can I Get a Protective Order in Texas?

Due to the nature of domestic violence and all that it entails, one of the first things a client is going to request will be physical protection. This type of protection ensures the other party remains as far away as possible from this point forward.

There are protective regulations in place, which can be executed when it is time to protect a client. This will be done through the legal system in Texas.

One of those protective solutions comes in the form of a protective order. This protective order is designed to make sure a person does not have to fear for their life or physical well-being. There is a restriction in place for how close the other person can be and this will be legally binding.

If you are thinking about pursuing this order, it’s best to go through a domestic violence lawyer in The Woodlands, Texas. There are specific forms that will be filled out and filed with the state government.

A judge will take a look at the filing and likely provide temporary protection as soon as possible. This means it will be effective immediately without needing a court hearing.

Once the court hearing takes place, further assessment will be done as to the validity of the protective order. At this point, it will likely be made permanent.

As you go through these options, take the time to see what Bolton Law can do for you in getting the protective order. We are always ready to help and will make sure things are done as you want them to be.

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Can Domestic Violence Affect a Divorce or Family Law Agreement?

Domestic violence can affect a divorce or family law agreement.

This can be shown as a physical threat to you and it will be designed as a way to fight for your legal rights heading into the future. The judge will process this information and pinpoint what has to be done to protect you moving forward.

If the divorce is being filed, this can be used against the other party to show how they are a threat to your well-being. It can lead to specific decisions being made when it comes to the custody of children and other similar matters.

As you pour through the case details, the first thing you are going to want to do is to clarify your options with a domestic violence lawyer. At Bolton Law, we are more than happy to do this for you and that is what will put your mind at ease.

To get started with us, please take the time to give us a call at 281-351-7897. Let us help you move forward with a purpose.

How Can Bolton Law Help Me With a Domestic Violence Case?

Bolton Law has years of extensive experience when it comes to handling domestic violence cases. We have been doing this for years and are one of the most noteworthy legal teams in all of Texas. This ensures clients are going to be in great hands with us and will receive access to premier legal strategies.

We are going to be there every step of the way from the day your consultation begins. This includes putting together a strong legal claim, ensuring your legal needs are met, and moving forward towards justice as intended.

We recognize how difficult it can be in a situation such as this. It is due to our experience in handling such matters that you are going to feel confident in the work we are doing. We can assist with case preparation, trials, negotiations, and more. We have seen it all and it is this experience you are going to get to tap into as well.

For a domestic violence case, you are going to want to choose a legal team that has been doing this for a long time and is on top of things from day one. If that is what you are hoping for, reach out to us at 281-351-7897.

We will be sure to help and begin working on a legal strategy using our resources. We are one of the best law firms in the state and it has to do with our credibility. We are committed to the legal process and will ensure you receive the result you are after.

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