Parenting Time Schedules in The Woodlands

The matter of child custody isn’t always straightforward. This is usually among the trickiest issues you’ll have to navigate when your marriage doesn’t work out. The best interest of the child(ren) is what really matters. This generally means that both parents spend time with the child.

Bolton Law has helped countless families design practical parenting time schedules in The Woodlands, Texas. A parenting time schedule provides a structured plan for co-parenting. It focuses on issues like exchange times, holidays, weekend and weekday visits, birthdays, summer and spring break, and several other aspects of your child’s life.

If you weren’t given primary custody, chances are that you want to get quality time with your child(ren). If this is the case, you should consult with a parenting time attorney to assist you with the scheduling. If you feel your child(ren) would benefit from spending adequate time with you, fight for them.

Our family lawyers in The Woodlands can navigate you through every step of the parenting time scheduling process. Call Bolton Law now at 281-351-7897 to find out how we can help.

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How Do Parenting Time Guidelines Work in Texas?

In Texas, the majority of standard possession orders give room for the noncustodial parent to have visitation rights with their child(ren) either:

  • On particular holidays
  • Each Thursday night
  • At least a month in the summer
  • On the fifth, third, and first weekends of every month.

Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that if the court feels like the standard protection order is not in the interests of the child (or if the child is below 3 years), it will not adhere to these guidelines, and can rather make its own verdict concerning your parenting time schedules.

Because of this, it is integral that you enlist a parenting time attorney in The Woodlands to ascertain that the interests of your child are safeguarded and that you can remain to be a positive and supportive figure in the life of your child(ren), even if you’ve not been granted primary custody.

What Are the Types of Parenting Time Guidelines in Texas?

In the State of Texas, visitation refers to the child’s possession of and access. Parents can obtain possession and access unless the judge decides it’s not in the interests of the child(ren). A Possession and Access Order (PAO) stipulates the visitation rights of a parent. This is mostly applicable to the non-custodial parents and outlines when, where, and how they will have access to their child(ren) moving forward.

The two types of PAO include:

Standard PAO

These include visitation times that are ordered by the law and encompass the following parameters that the custodial and noncustodial parent will have to follow:

  • Rotation on holiday visitations (birthdays, Christmas, spring break, etc.)
  • Noncustodial parents to get 42 visitations during school break/summer months
  • Instructions and restrictions when it comes to communication between the non-custodial parent and child. This includes text messages, phone, Skype, or other social platforms
  • Visitation rights for parents living less than 100 miles apart, which are the 5th, 3rd, and 1st weekends of each month, starting from 6 pm each Friday and concluding at 6 pm each Sunday
  • Visitation rights for parents living over 100 miles apart, which allow the non-custodial parent to select either the 5th, 3rd, and 1st weekend of every month, with the same conditions
  • Routine night visits on Thursday from 6-8 pm

Non-Standard PAO

This agreement notes communication, holidays, etc. but is there to accommodate special situations, distance, and other justifying factors. These may be used if parents have their own agreement but the court believes that their proposed arrangement isn’t in the child’s interests.

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What Goes Into Creating Parenting Time Schedules in The Woodlands?

A parenting time schedule provides a structured plan for co-parenting. It focuses on issues like exchange times, holidays, weekend and weekday visits, birthdays, summer and spring break, and several other aspects of your child’s life.

Having a set schedule helps define what is feasible for your situation. If you and your ex-partner work in liaison, you may be able to come up with a flexible schedule that accommodates the needs and schedules of both parents.

This would allow you to get the child(ren) when it’s most convenient for you and could strengthen the bond you have with them. As you work to prepare a draft, disagreements over the scheduling may arise which is you need to enlist a family lawyer to formulate a deal that caters to your unique needs.

Do I Need a Parenting Time Lawyer, and How Can They Help?

If you’re not on the same wavelength as the other party when it comes to agreeing on visitation and custody, the experienced family lawyers at Bolton Law in The Woodlands, Texas can assist you in comprehensively investigating all your choices before a final decision is made. The parenting time attorneys at Bolton Law are fully devoted to going over viable options with you to protect your parental right to remain in your child’s life.

Emotions are usually all over the place when it comes to deciding on parenting time. We at the Bolton Law firm in The Woodlands, Texas will ensure that your rights and those of your child aren’t infringed on. If you’re currently in the divorce process or you want a clearly defined parenting time schedule following your divorce agreement, you will greatly benefit from having a seasoned family lawyer in your corner.

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At Bolton Law, we fully understand that there’s nothing as important as your child’s welfare, and in a custody or divorce dispute, you shouldn’t agree on something that isn’t in your child’s interests. However, it’s a common occurrence to see parents disagreeing on that same exact thing and this includes parenting time schedules in The Woodlands.

If you feel as if you’re being unjustly refused custody of your child(ren), you should consider enlisting an experienced lawyer. The parenting time lawyers at Bolton Law are conversant with the Texas standard possession order and will assist you to find a favorable solution that caters to the needs of everyone involved with emphasis on the child(ren).

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