8 Signs The Marriage Wont Work Out

Marriage is a bumpy road at some point for all couples. But some couples have telltale signs that lower the likelihood of a successful marriage. Bolton Law has seen many couples in this situation.  In a recent Huffington Post article, divorce lawyers from all over the country were asked to identify the signs that a couple may be divorcing. These are the top 8 signs that a marriage is unlikely to last.

They offer each other silent support.

It’s a sign that a couple is having a lot of arguments and doesn’t want to be treated with respect. Fights are healthy for a relationship, but when they turn from playful to serious and continue on a regular basis — which often ends in stonewalling — it doesn’t bode well.

Their sex life has been lackluster.

This seems obvious, and it is. Although people can live without sex, the truth is that we are all living creatures with a natural desire for sex.

A man in distress due to differing needs in bed during their marriage

They share very few things in common.

It’s true that opposites attract. However, it is not a guarantee that your spouse will be able to maintain a happy marriage. If one spouse is an extrovert who loves to go out until the early hours of the morning, and the other spouse is a lover of warm baths at 7 p.m., followed by a glass of milk and a book, it is unlikely that the couple will be able to sustain such a lifestyle.

Their careers are always more important than the family.

It can lead to problems if a partner puts their career ahead of the relationship. This is true regardless of any agreement reached during the marriage. When one person puts their career goals ahead of the relationship, even the best relationships can fall apart.

They treat each other with contempt.

A relationship that is eye-rolling, belittling, or treating each other with contempt will soon end. Although spouses do not have to see eye-to-eye in order to have a happy marriage they must respect and value each other’s differences. They should not view those differences as signs of weakness or ignorance.

They do not respect each other’s love languages.

For long-term marriage success, it is important to understand your spouse’s love language. This means being aware of what he or she values and how you feel appreciated. Even though spouses may be in love, they might not feel loved if their love languages are different. If one spouse gives love by giving gifts or helping others, but the other shows love through verbal affirmations, loving touch, or quality time, it may not be felt.

They aren’t honest about their spending.

Marriage should be viewed as a partnership. Each person should take responsibility for the family’s finances. It’s easy for spouses to spend too much if their finances are divided. Although a couple may have separate or shared bank accounts, it is nearly impossible for them to reach their financial goals, such as buying a house or saving for retirement. If there isn’t transparency about how the money is spent or saved, it can be difficult to plan and achieve financial goals. It can become a source of frustration. This is especially true in households with high net worth.

They don’t fight.

Perhaps counterintuitively, many spouses avoid uncomfortable situations or problems by avoiding the truth or simply ignoring what is on their minds. This can lead to resentment. This person can be your confidante, friend, and lover. They should be able and willing to hear your opinions. It is important to be able to accept each other’s opinions without breaking the bonds of matrimony.

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