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Family issues are of paramount importance, and navigating a family law case necessitates the expertise of a reputable family law attorney. At Bolton Law in Magnolia, TX, our legal professionals are dedicated to resolving familial disputes with the utmost consideration for amicability, particularly when the welfare of children is involved.

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Navigating Family Law Cases

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Family law encompasses a broad spectrum of domestic situations within the civil court system, addressing everything from spousal or parental disputes to adoptions and legal name changes.

Typical family law cases in Magnolia, TX, include:

  • Divorce: Starting the divorce process requires filing a petition with the district clerk in your county. Opting for an uncontested divorce, where both parties agree on key issues like alimony, child support, custody, and property division, can streamline the proceedings. In contrast, contested divorces without mutual agreement necessitate court intervention. Given the complexity of Texas divorce laws, the counsel of a family law attorney from Bolton Law is crucial for safeguarding your rights, particularly in intricate or high-asset divorce scenarios.
  • Child Support: In Texas, it’s mandatory for both parents to contribute financially to their children’s upbringing. Bolton Law can support you in setting up, negotiating, and amending child support orders as circumstances evolve. We also provide services for enforcing child support if a former partner is non-compliant.
  • Child Custody and Parental Rights: Termed “conservatorship” in Texas, child custody is a significant consideration in divorces involving children. It’s vital that the children’s physical, mental, and emotional needs are safeguarded throughout and following the divorce process. Our attorneys at Bolton Law are committed to advocating for your children’s best interests, exploring options for sole or joint managing conservatorship. We’re also adept at handling complex matters such as visitation, parental relocation, and paternity issues.
  • Spousal Support and Alimony: Post-divorce or separation, you may be entitled to alimony. Our legal experts are ready to assist you in securing a just alimony agreement and pursuing modifications as needed based on changing life situations.
  • Legal Name Changes: It’s common for individuals to wish to return to their maiden name or change their children’s names post-divorce. While simpler within the divorce process, name changes become more complicated as a standalone legal action. Our guidance ensures the name change process is smoothly integrated with your divorce.
  • Restraining Orders: If you’re facing intimidation, threats, or abuse from a former partner or family member, obtaining a restraining order is essential for your and your children’s safety. Bolton Law can facilitate the necessary legal protections against domestic violence.
  • DFPS Cases: When parents or stepparents in Magnolia, TX, are subject to criminal charges, the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) might investigate the children’s safety. Balancing criminal defense with DFPS inquiries necessitates strategic legal guidance. Bolton Law excels in coordinating your defense with DFPS investigations, advising on strategic communication with investigators.
  • Adoption: The adoption process marks an exciting but complex journey for families. Our family law attorneys are here to navigate every phase of adoption, ensuring a seamless transition for both your family and the adoptive child.

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Grounds for Divorce in Texas

In Texas, the law outlines seven valid reasons for divorce, including a provision for “no-fault” divorce, accommodating various circumstances under which couples may decide to part ways:

  • Insupportability: This “no-fault” reason allows couples to divorce due to unresolvable differences that have irreparably damaged the marriage, leaving no hope for reconciliation.
  • Cruelty: A marriage can be dissolved if one partner’s cruel behavior makes cohabitation unbearable.
  • Adultery: Proof of a partner’s extramarital affair can be grounds for ending the marriage.
  • Felony Conviction: Divorce is permissible if one spouse is convicted of a felony, has served at least a year in prison, and has not received a pardon.
  • Abandonment: A divorce can proceed if one spouse has deserted the other for a continuous period of at least one year.
  • Living Apart: A couple can be granted a divorce if they have lived apart without cohabitation for three or more years, under a “no-fault” basis.
  • Confinement in a Psychiatric Hospital: Divorce grounds include one spouse’s confinement in a psychiatric facility under circumstances where recovery is highly unlikely.

Beginning the Divorce Process in Magnolia, TX

To initiate a divorce in Texas, one or both spouses must have been residents of the state for six months and of the county where the divorce is filed for the preceding 90 days. Upon receiving a divorce petition, the recipient has until the first Monday following 20 days to file a response. The complexity of divorce makes the counsel of a seasoned family law attorney indispensable. Bolton Law offers comprehensive support to simplify this challenging process for our clients.

Division of Assets in Texas Divorces

Texas operates under community property laws, meaning all assets acquired during the marriage are considered jointly owned and are subject to equitable division in a divorce. The court aims for a fair distribution, necessitating clear proof to distinguish separate property, which remains with the original owner.

Determining Child Custody

Should parents be unable to reach a mutual agreement on child custody, options like mediation or court adjudication are available. The court’s decision is influenced by various factors such as the geographical proximity of the parents’ homes, the parents’ ability to cooperate, plans for the children’s upbringing, and the children’s preferences. Bolton Law assists clients in demonstrating their active role in their children’s lives to secure a favorable custody arrangement.

Understanding Spousal Support in Texas

Eligibility for spousal support, or alimony, hinges on specific conditions detailed in the Texas Family Code, such as:

  • Inability to earn sufficient income due to disability.
  • Termination of a marriage lasting 10 or more years where sufficient income cannot be generated.
  • Custodianship of a child from the marriage requiring significant care.
  • Conviction of family violence by a spouse during the marriage.

Factors influencing spousal support include each spouse’s ability to meet their basic needs, the marriage’s duration, employment skills and history, physical and emotional condition, contributions to the marriage, and the assets each brought into the marriage.

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