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When it comes to handling family law cases, the most important step is to understand what you are going to do. You will want to have a strong case and a skilled family law attorney in Spring, Texas on your side.

At Bolton Law, we recognize how challenging this process can be. You are going to be juggling a major change in your life along with the nuances of a divorce case. This is difficult and it is something you are going to need assistance with.

Our family law attorneys are ready to assist and will make sure the process is as easy as it needs to be. You are not going to have to stress about the process or how it is going to unfold. Everything will be done with a high level of care and you are going to receive appropriate assistance throughout the proceedings.

We recognize this is a situation that is going to be complex and will also involve specific emotions attached to the relationship and situation. This is why we take the time to dive through these details with you during the initial consultation and pinpoint the right legal strategy.

If you believe it is time to move forward with a divorce in Texas, it’s time to see what Bolton Law can do for you as a Spring, TX law firm. We are qualified to help and all it takes is a call to 281-351-7897.

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What Qualifies as a Family Law Case?

A family law case is going to have to fit the legal stipulations in place for what can be challenged and what can’t be. Texas has strict regulations when it comes to these types of cases and it’s important to iron out the details in advance.

As you are going through the case details, it is common to want to get to the bottom of what your approach is going to be in court. Before doing this, Bolton Law will take the time to sit through a consultation to get a better read on the case and its details.

We are going to work on figuring out whether or not your case is in line for a viable challenge. This is going to include analyzing the various details associated with your case and what is going to work best moving forward.

We handle a full range of family law cases, including:

You need to go through these details with a family law attorney in Spring, Texas. We are going to make sure you are guided throughout the process and can come up with a legal strategy that is going to yield good results heading into the future.

A divorce, restraining order, or child custody will always involve intricate processes that need to be handled with legal expertise.

At Bolton Law, we are going to ensure that is the case and you don’t have to struggle with specific steps in the process. To learn more about what we can do, call us at 281-351-7897.

What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Texas?

Just like any other step in the process, you are going to have to figure out whether or not it is viable to file for a divorce in the state of Texas. In some situations, you might not want to move forward with the divorce, or more information will be required to move forward.

Since each situation is unique, we are going to have a qualified team ready to pour through the details with you during the consultation.

Bolton Law is an accredited law firm in the state of Texas and has years of experience handling these types of cases. We are not going to skip over the details and our goal will remain to help every step of the way.

There are specific grounds for divorce in Texas. These include:

  • Insupportability (Irreconcilable Differences)
  • Cruelty
  • Adultery
  • Conviction of a Felony
  • Abandonment
  • Living Apart for 3 or More Years
  • Confinement to a Psychiatric Hospital

As you can see, the list is varied and in some situations, you are going to have multiple reasons to move forward with the divorce. We are well aware of how common this is and that is why we are going to want to go through the case details with you as soon as possible.

At Bolton Law, we have an experienced team that is always ready to help. To get started, you are going to want to reach out to us at 281-351-7897. We will do the rest.

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How Do You Start the Divorce Process?

As you begin to think about a divorce, you are going to want to get the details right. This is going to include knowing what the steps will entail as you begin to work on the legal strategy. At Bolton Law, we are going to help with this process and we are the ones that are going to guide you through it. You will not have to worry about the finer details as that is what our legal team is all about.

In general, the process is going to begin with a simple consultation. This is going to let us know more about the case and what you are hoping to get from it. This is important as it lays out a vision for the divorce and what is going to be required from it on your behalf.

We are then going to begin filing for a divorce and these documents are going to be submitted to the state. A notice is going to be sent to the other party too. The idea is to make sure the state is aware of the filing and can then begin working on the next steps.

Mediation might be required to work through specific details associated with a divorce. A judge is also going to request both parties to go through specific legalities to begin working on the divorce proceedings.

The best part of going with us is knowing you will not have to second-guess anything. We are going to maintain an open line of communication and make sure you are well aware of what is going on at all times.

If you want to find out more about what we do at Bolton Law, give us a call at 281-351-7897.

How Does the Division of Property Work in Texas?

One of the main sticking points during a divorce will be the assets on both sides. Your lawyer will help you navigate the legalities surrounding marital property division and how it is going to play out.

Texas is a community property state. Assets are classified as separate property or community property.

Separate property means the assets owned before your marriage, acquired during your marriage as compensation in a personal injury case, acquired during marriage through inheritance, or acquired as a gift from a third party. Separate property is not divided in a divorce.

Community property is property acquired during marriage by either spouse including both assets and debts. The judge will have specific discretion when it comes to how community property assets are split up. This may or may not mean a 50/50 division. The judge will consider the needs and contributions of each spouse to determine what is fair.

Legal counsel is essential for those who are looking at their assets and want to get a better read on how the division is going to take place. At Bolton Law, we are also going to help with this step to make sure you are aware of how it is going to unfold.

How Is Child Custody Decided?

If there are children involved in a situation such as this, you are going to want to think about their well-being and future. This is one of the most important elements of divorce as you are going to want to make sure the custody rights are processed the right way.

The judge is going to take a look at all variables when it comes to deciding on child custody. They will want to make sure things are done in a way that is fair to the child during the process. This can vary based on the details of the case and whether or not abuse was involved.

At Bolton Law, we are going to take the time to work around your vision for custody rights. This includes what you are hoping to receive when it comes to their rights. You need to have a vision for the case and we will work on this with you.

In general, child custody is going to be split based on this information. If the judge believes one party should have sole custody based on their history then that is what is going to happen. Depending on the child’s age, their opinion will also be requested during the process to make sure things are as fair as possible.

To get started with Bolton Law, give us a call at 281-351-7897.

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What Is Alimony and How Is It Decided?

You may be eligible to receive spousal support (alimony) if you meet certain requirements as outlined by the Texas Family Code. These include:

  • If you can’t earn enough income to meet your minimum needs as a result of a disability
  • If you have been married for 10 or more years and you no longer have the ability to earn enough income
  • If you have primary custody of a child of the marriage who requires substantial supervision and/or care
  • If your spouse was convicted of a family violence offense during the marriage

The Texas Family Code also lists several factors that could be used to determine support. These include:

  • Ability to independently provide for own minimal needs
  • The length of the marriage
  • Education levels and the skills of employment
  • Physical and emotional condition of the person
  • Age, history of employment, and earning capacity
  • Each spouse’s contributions to the marriage and family
  • Impact of providing for personal needs plus child support
  • Property that the spouse brought into the marriage

You need to be aware of these details and not get confused as the process unfolds. We have helped numerous clients over the years when it comes to this step in the process and we will do the same for you in Texas.

To learn more about what we can do at Bolton Law, give us a call at 281-351-7897.

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When you are thinking about moving forward with a divorce, you are going to have numerous details to think about. It is not as simple as filing for a divorce and hoping everything is going to work out. A lot of things are intertwined and that is where Bolton Law is going to help as a qualified law firm.

We are going to give you access to a great family law attorney in Spring, TX that will take the time to piece through these details while working on your legal strategy. This begins right from day one.

We are not going to waste time and are going to put in the hard work you are hoping for as a client. This is the beauty of choosing a law firm that is well aware of the legal standards in Texas and is going to work hard to deliver valuable results.

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