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One of the most important parts of dealing with a divorce or separation has to do with your children. There is nothing more sensitive and intricate than this part of the proceedings and it’s important to have professional legal representation when a situation such as this arises.

You will want to choose a child custody lawyer that is professionally trained, committed, and will understand what is required for you to receive child custody in Texas. With our expertise at Bolton Law, we have the means to assist clients and make sure the proper measures are taken every step of the way.

It is this expertise that is going to shine through when you are looking at going with a Tomball child custody lawyer who is ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

A good child custody lawyer is going to be focused on understanding what you require and moving forward with a purpose. This includes taking the time to understand your vision for the process and what your legal rights are as a client.

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Are There Different Types of Child Custody in Texas?

Child custody agreements are an integral part of the process and something that need to be handled with care. At Bolton Law, we are a law firm that can assist clients with these proceedings and will help illustrate what is required to do things the right way.

You will need to understand the type of custody you can receive and how it is going to play out over the long haul.

This is pertinent information that will be provided to you by a qualified lawyer. Being able to lean on this information and better understand it is a major plus point of going with Bolton Law. You will know you are in good hands with us.

Legal Custody

This refers to decision-making when it comes to the child’s well-being. Everything done before the age of 18 involves some form of parental or guardian consent. This is legally required and there are different scenarios where this will apply with a child.

For this to occur, there has to be a legal guardian that is listed for the child’s decisions to be made. This can be anything including joining specific groups, vaccinations, and/or medical choices. These are details you have to think about and that is where legal custody comes into play.

With legal custody, the court is going to decide which individual is going to have this type of decision-making power in Texas. This is going to include one or both parties depending on the situation at hand.

If you are looking for this type of custody, you are going to have to take the time to reach out to Bolton Law. We will work through these details with you and make sure things work out as you want them to.

Physical Custody

This type of custody refers to which parent the child lives with. If one parent has primary custody, the law protects the other parent’s right to spend time with the child so long as there is no abuse or other danger to the child.┬áThis can be a set amount of time that is divided based on days or even months depending on the distance between the parents.

This is why it’s important to work with an attorney who knows the details of Texas child custody laws and guidelines for parenting time schedules. This is crucial to understanding your legal options.

If you are looking to protect your rights, it is best to take a look at going with a child custody lawyer from Bolton Law. We are going to have the chance to work on your case step-by-step. This is useful for those who are looking to receive custody as soon as possible and want to do things in an organized manner.

A good child custody lawyer is an option you are going to have to think about over the short and long haul. You will want to go with someone that is committed to the process and is well aware of what is required over time.

At Bolton Law, we are going to help manage a situation such as this as best as possible. This includes pouring through each detail with a high level of care.

Whether it is legal or physical custody, Bolton Law has experience handling these situations in Texas. You will know you are in great hands with our team and that will make things as simple as they need to be.

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How Does the Texas Family Court Decide on Child Custody Rights?

When it comes to looking at child custody, you are going to have to gain a better understanding of how Texas family courts determine child custody. Until you are aware of Texas child custody laws, you are not going to know how to approach the case.

In general, the Texas family court is going to want to take a look at which party is more responsible and will take better care of the child. This also includes what the child wants depending on their age as that is an integral part of the decision.

For the most part, each detail of both parties is going to be analyzed in great detail to better recognize which direction to go in. In some cases, both parties are going to get equal custody and that is going to create an even split.

If you are thinking about reaching out to a trusted law firm such as ours, feel free to contact us at 281-351-7897.

Can We Create a Child Custody Plan Without the Court’s Involvement in Texas?

You are going to want to create a child custody plan as that is a major requirement over the short and long haul. You have to think about how the division is going to happen.

Yes, it is possible to have a child custody plan without a court’s involvement. However, it’s important to note it will not be legally binding and if there are slight mishaps along the way, this could create unwanted hurdles.

This is why it is always recommended to take the time to reach out to a child custody lawyer and recognize what is going to work for you over time.

With the help of our Tomball child custody lawyers at Bolton Law, you are going to have access to a qualified legal team with exceptional resources.

What if the Parents Do Not Come to an Agreement with Regard to the Custody Rights?

In cases where both parties are on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to custody rights, it’s common to have to take things to court. A judge is going to piece through the information and hear both sides including the child to better understand what should be done for the child’s betterment.

This is going to be based on specific examples within the system along with the judge’s expertise.

It is important to have appropriate legal representation when you are venturing down this path. It is the only way to make sure you are on the right path and it works out as you want it to.

If the goal is to receive custody rights for your child in the state of Texas, we believe it is best to reach out to our team at 281-351-7897. We will go through these details as best as we can to make sure things work out as planned.

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It is important to have a good understanding of your legal options when it comes to child custody situations. It is not easy to pinpoint what is going to be required and what will matter during the process. This is where experience comes into play with the help of a good child custody lawyer in Tomball, Texas.

We are going to go through the entire process with you and make sure things are done as you want them to. Being able to rely on a law firm that is the real deal and has a good understanding of child custody cases goes a long way.

We are heralded for the work we do and that is a big reason for trusting Bolton Law. You will enjoy the process and all that comes with it. A good child custody lawyer is an option that will deliver serious value over the long term.

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