Is it Possible to Win Child Custody Back in Texas?

If you have recently lost custody of your child, you may have one question in mind: can I regain custody? For the best plan of action to take to win back custody, continue reading and reach out to our experienced family law attorney.

What factors are considered when determining child custody?

Texas courts will consider many factors when determining a child custody agreement. Texas courts’ primary concern will always be the best interests of the child. Some of the primary factors that the courts will consider are as follows:

  • The bond both parents have with the child
  • Whether both parents can provide a safe and stable environment for the child
  • If the child is mature enough, whether they have a preference
  • Whether both parents can provide financially for the child
  • How the custody decision would impact the child’s social life
  • The geographic proximity of each parent to one another
  • Whether there has been a history of domestic violence, drug abuse, mental illness, or any other behavior that may potentially endanger a child

What are the reasons a parent would lose child custody for?

There are various reasons for a court to decide not to award custody to a parent in Texas. The most common reasons for a parent to lose custody are as follows:

  • Child abuse
  • Abandonment
  • Child neglect
  • Substance abuse
  • Educational neglect
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Violation of court orders
  • Incarceration
  • Child alienation

Can I win child custody back?

There is always a reason behind the court’s decision to take away custody from a parent. Fortunately, in many cases, this reason may be something that you can address.

This may mean for some individuals that they have lost custody due to substance abuse. These individuals may take substance abuse courses, seek counseling, and more, to prove that they are actively working to fix the issue so they can become responsible supportive parents once again.

With the assistance of an experienced family law attorney, you can work towards achieving custody again. Our skilled attorney will assist you in targeting the issue that has caused you to lose custody. We will then help you to request an evaluation. With our legal experience in your corner, you will begin this journey to fight for the custody of your child. Give us a call today to learn more about this process. We will walk you through each step of the way.

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