Uncovering Hidden Assets in Divorce: What Are the Consequences?

When couples get divorced, can’t agree on the terms of their divorce, and don’t have a pre or postnuptial agreement in place, a judge will typically decide on these terms for them during litigation. Texas is a community property state, meaning both spouses are entitled to a portion of their combined marital property.

That said, when one spouse decides he or she is going to try and hide assets from the court in an effort to save money and benefit themselves, it can drastically impact the outcome of the divorce. If you believe your spouse is hiding assets, you should read on and speak with a skilled The Woodlands, Texas divorce lawyer from the Bolton Law Firm today.

What happens if I catch my spouse hiding assets during my divorce?

Spouses can hide assets in a variety of ways. In some cases, they’ll write a check or give a large sum of cash to a trusted friend or family member to make it appear as if they no longer have this money. In other cases, they’ll overpay on their taxes for the current year and save on taxes the following year after their divorce is finalized.

Spouses have also been found to simply refrain from disclosing certain assets, such as by neglecting to pick up or cash a bonus from their job. It’s also not uncommon for spouses who own businesses to try and conceal exactly how much their business is worth.

An experienced family law attorney is familiar with these tricks, and knows the best way to discover them and reveal them to the Court so they can be fairly divided in the divorce. Our firm can help track down hidden assets and bring them to the attention of the courts before your divorce is finalized.

What happens if I realize my spouse hid assets after our divorce was finalized?

If you realize that your spouse hid assets from your divorce in the months or years after your divorce concluded, legal recourse may still be available via an undivided asset case. As long as we can prove your spouse knowingly hid the asset in question from your divorce, the court may award you ownership of that asset.

If you suspect your spouse is currently hiding assets or has hidden assets in your divorce, give us a call today.

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