Is a 50 | 50 Split of Child Custody a Good Idea?

When it comes to matters of child custody, most parents want whatever is in their child’s best interests. For this reason, sometimes parents believe that a 50/50 custody split is the best option. While this may work for some parents and children, it doesn’t always. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced child custody lawyer to learn more about how custody works in Texas, whether you should agree to a half-and-half split, and how our firm can help guide you through the process ahead. (If you’re unfamiliar about the child custody process, visit our FAQ page.

Should I agree to split custody evenly with my child’s other parent?

The answer to this question depends largely on the circumstances of your specific family dynamic and the relationship you both have with your child. The unfortunate reality is that oftentimes when one spouse requests a 50/50 split, it’s because they believe there’s something in it for them. In some cases, they may think a 50/50 agreement will help them avoid having to pay child support (this isn’t true). In other cases, they may want a 50/50 split simply to satisfy their own ego to “prove” that they are an “equal parent.” We’ve also seen parents agree to 50/50 custody splits because they are afraid of losing custody of their child altogether, and see this as a viable alternative.

Unfortunately, none of the above are adequate reasons to move towards a 50/50 custody split, as none of these scenarios act in a child’s best interests. The one circumstance where something closer to a 50/50 split may be the right move is if both parents contributed equally to raising the child while they were still married. For example, if both parents drive their child to baseball practice, help him study at night, and otherwise provide for the child in an equal or close to equal manner and simply want to continue doing so, something closer to a 50/50 split may actually be a viable option.

That said, no one should face a custody matter without first speaking with an experienced The Woodlands family law attorney who can advocate for the best interests of their child through each phase of the divorce process. If you’re currently going through a divorce or facing a custody issue of any kind, simply give the Bolton Law Firm a call today.

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