Enforcing Child Support Agreements in Texas

If you are a divorced parent and you are entitled to receive regular child support payments, though your former spouse is refusing to make those payments, you’re most likely worried about your future. Please continue reading and reach out to an experienced The Woodlands post-judgment enforcement lawyer right here at Bolton Law to learn more about how our firm can help ensure your child support agreement is abided by. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What should I do if my former spouse is refusing to pay child support?

Often, the best course of action when a former spouse is refusing to abide by any divorce-related agreement is simply speaking with the person and attempting to correct the issue without having to go to court. Unfortunately, this does not always work, and at times, ex-spouses will flagrantly violate various terms set out in their divorce agreement, regardless of what their former spouse says or does. When this happens, it is best to turn to a competent Montgomery County family law attorney who can intervene and fight for the child support you need.

How can an attorney help enforce a child support agreement?

In most cases, our firm will first file what is known as a Motion for Enforcement by Contempt. If your ex cannot prove that he or she has been making these payments, or they cannot prove that they are unable to, the court may find the person in contempt and order them to pay attorney’s fees to you. In the worst cases, refusal to abide by a support agreement can even warrant jail time. To learn more about child support enforcement in Texas, click here.

If your former spouse is refusing to follow your child support agreement, the time to act is now. Don’t stand idly by when you can have a competent and experienced legal team fighting in your corner. We are here to help. All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.

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